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Anamet Europe: Your Partner in flexible conduit

Anamet Europe BV: Quality, Service & Partnership - The Pillars of Our Philosophy


65 years on, Anamet Europe's philosophy continues to revolve around providing our customers with innovative products and excellent service. Today, our product range includes conduits, metal hoses, fittings and ancillary products available in a wide range of materials and specifications to meet practically every feasible application, whether electrical or industrial. By developing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, Anamet Europe is in a unique position to not only understand the nature of our customers business but also to work with them to develop tailor made solutions for their particular application requirement. Partnership, quality and service are the pillars on which our philosophy and success are built.

1. Anaconda flexible conduits and fittings: a solution close at hand
Sealtite, Multiflex, Multitite: Wide selection of mechanically strong metal flexible conduits

Available in a wide range of executions, Sealtite and Multitite are flexible metal conduits with cover, Multiflex are conduits without cover. Whether you require square locked or fully interlocked, galvanized steel, stainless steel, bronze or aluminum, braided or unbraided, Anamet has a product to meet your requirements. With each type of conduit there is a matching range of fittings including straight or elbow design, nickel plated brass or stainless steel in ISO , PG or NPT. .

Anaconda Plastic flexible conduit: Light to medium applications. 

The All-Plastic PVC and/or TPU based conduits are designed for use in medium to heavy demanding mechanical applications. Each type of conduit comes with a fitting solution in straight (IP 54) or straight and elbows (IP 67). The Ana-Quick Polyamide range is available in a wide range of corrugated nylon conduit and fitting arrangements called Ana-Quick Profi which are IP 65 and IP 68 rated (with additional O-ring). 

2. Anaconda Metal flexible Hoses: the solution for transporting fluids and gases
BW Corrugated hoses: Strong, reliable and high integrity products

Anaconda stainless steel corrugated hoses are designed for industrial applications in which gases or fluids are transported. They are designed to withstand high pressure, high temperature and various chemical substances. Available in stainless steel AISI 316L, Monel and also in bronze. Anamet can offer solutions to a wide variety of applications. Our offering is complemented by a wide range of matching flanges and fittings, enabling us to produce practically every type and combination to specification.

3. Hipro and Thermo heat protection solutions.
Hiprojacket and Thermojacket: The solution for protecting conduit, cable, hydraulic hoses and airlines against flames and high temperatures.

Hiprojacket are woven (Hiprojacket Aerospace grade) or braided (Hiprojacket Industrial grade) glass fibre sleeves with a silicone cover that fits over conduit, hoses or cabling. The sleeve provides excellent protection against elevated temperatures, welding splatters, molten splash. Each type of Hiprojacket  comes with a fitting solution in straight and elbows (IP 54 or IP 67). Thermojacket is an alternative solution which is made of specially treated glass fibre that can withstand temperatures up to 538° C.
Hiproblanket special includes tapes, blankets and wraps. These products are made of woven glass fibred sleeve with a silicone cover. They come in various sizes and executions enabling them to be used in a wide variety of applications .

4. Anaconda ATEX cable gland fitting solutions.
Anaconda ATEX fittings: the perfect match with Anamet conduits

The Anaconda Ex-d ATEX cable gland fittings covers the majority of the common types. The range is available in nickel plated brass and stainless steel AISI 316 (ATEX / IEC and GOST approvals). Thread sizes are in ISO (from M16 to M40) or NPT (from NPT 3/8" till NPT 1.1/4"). The range also carries a complete program of ATEX accessories. Larger types are available on request.







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